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Wick Girls Pipe Band

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Possibly By Jim Christie Himself

There's a plyce in Edinburgh called the South Bridge School
An next door to that there's a sweemin pool
To this plyce there came Wick Girls Pipe Band
The champion Band of all Scotland

From Jamesies bus they tumbled oot, grabbing their baggies from the boot
Intil the School wi yells o glee, ye never saw such a wild melee
The beeg anes in wan room, the sma in the ither
Quite independent without Faither or Mither

They took time to settle, some were quick, some were not
Then off till the bath while the water was hot
They lived in the baths fae morning till nicht
An when they came back some got quite a fricht

Wait till a tell ye, there wis a ghost in the School
Ye'll maybe no belive me, ye'll think a'm a fool
But the girls in their goonies runnin ben till the pan
will tell ye the same, it wisna a man

Fan the lichts ga'ed oot, in the middle o the nicht
Runnin till the ither places they got such a fricht
Mats. wastepaper baskets, came doon without check
A silk scarf gaed round wan poor thing's neck
The noise that they made, I can hardly richt tell
If ye had been there, it wid drive ye till....****
Wi processions, some dressed up, some nae dressed at all
They banged at the doors, I wis near up the wall

On the last nicht there we slept never a wink
Wi mischief and capers ye wid think they hed drink
When Linda's bugle sounded away up the stair
Poor Berta and Lilly ga'ed up in the air

They were'na bad girls if the truth I will tell
They were just as mischievious as we were wirsels
Well now I will end this, I think we had fun
For Week once again. the cup we had won.