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Elections May 2007
Gordon Campbell - Independent

Gordon Campbell is setting out to win and is as determined as ever to fight  the 2007 election with as much fervour as in his previous campaigns.  He passionately loves his adopted area and Dornoch where he lives.  A tireless campaigner he is already well on his way to getting to all parts of the most northerly mainland constituency of Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross.

In the 2003 election he was delighted to have increased his vote beating the SSP candidate Frank Ward in to last place.  Gordon does not see his task as impossible and intends to attack the policies of Jamie Stone, John Thurso and the government relentlessly all the way to the election day.  In the face of the organised parties Gordon fights his own campaign touring relentlessly round the constituency delivering his leaflets and getting his message out.

2003 Election Results
Jamie Stone (Liberal Democrat) 7742 - Elected
Deirdre Steven (Labour) 5650
Rob Gibson (SNP) 3692
Alan McLeod (Conservative) 2262
Gordon Campbell (Independent) 953
Frank Ward (SSP) 828
Turnout 21281 - 52.61%
Spoiled Papers 154

Gordon Campbell In 2003 Election For Scottish Parliament

Gordon Campbell Independent Candidate Out and About In His 2005 Westminster Election Campaign

Gordon Campbell Checking Out the New Homebase Store At Wick