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Caithness News Bulletins July 2003

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Where The Visitors Are Coming From And How A Few Reach The Web Site
Visitors To Caithness.org On 1 July
The global Caithness Community continues to expand and apart from local Caithness and UK based visitors 1 July 2003 saw visitors from 52 countries coming on to the web site.
The top 15 countries were -
United States, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Finland, Spain, Iceland, Italy.

Visitors to Caithness.org In June 2003
In June 2003 visitors came from 110 countries and the top 20 countries in the 30 day period were -
United States, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Poland.

Search Strings Bringing Visitors In June
The way people find the web site often for the first time is interesting and many terms are to be expected such as "Caithness" and "Castles" but there are sometimes a few surprises in the monthly top search words used in search engines before arriving on the site.  Here are the most popular search words or phrases for June 2003 -
scottish slang, caithness.org, castle floor plans, www.caithness.org, pigeons, mayflower, charlie simpson, caithness org, thurso, fractions for kids, menstrual cycle calculator, matchstick puzzles, old school pictures, weather channell, gargoyle, barnye, castle floor plan, chip carving, radio head.