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Skirza - Duncansby - April 2002

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The walk along the coast from Skirza To Duncansby is another example of a spectacular coastline often missed by many people as it is not next to a road.  It requires walking from one end or the other to see the unusual features like the trapped stack or huge numbers of seabirds that nest on the cliffs at many places in springtime.  In addition their is a cavernous gloup where the sea has tunnelled in (requires great care near the edges which slope steeply into the sheer cliffs).  But their is no need to get too close as  it can be seen from a good way back.  A broch sits on one rocky outcrop.  coming from Skirza you finally reach the Stacks of Duncansby from the side that many people never see as they drive  to the lighthouse and walk back the short distance to seabird city and see them from that end.    The Skirza To Duncansby Picture Gallery

Skirza Duncansby Map