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A-Z of Caithness Places

Historical Churches in Caithness

The churches in use are listed in the Community Pages 
The pages contain a growing amount of information and pictures on the various churches.  On this page we will draw together other information on churches -  pictures and articles on now disused churches in Caithness

Old Church At Freswick

  The PAPAR Project
Celtic ecclesiastical world-the places in the Northern and Western Isles, and Iceland, where names containing the word papar (priests or monks) occurred.

Old St Peters, Thurso

Keiss Baptist Chapel
First Baptist Church In Scotland

Possible St Ninians Chapel Site - Papigoe

St Mary's Chapel

Dunnet Kirk

St Trothans, or Olrig Kirk

Sir Reginald de Cheyne's Chapel

Old Parish Church, Halkirk

     Canisbay Church
                  Canisbay Church

The Shape of Churches

Cemeteries in Caithness

St Drostan In Caithness

Ecclesiastical Remains
of Wick Parish

Scotland's Churches After 1700

St Tears

Sutherland Churches
St Callans Church, Rogart