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This village has a very good harbour still in use today .  It was very busy during the booms of earlier days but is still a well known landing place locally for several creel boats sitting as it does on Sinclair Bay a very productive crab area.  Several buildings are in fine condition and an icehouse, fishing store and stone houses testify to the durability of the local stone.

Keiss Gala 2007


Into South Street

South Street

Around Keiss By Horse

Boatman's House

James Harris & A Trout

High Street

Robertson Crescent

Free Church

Sinclair Bay Hotel

Keiss School

houseinkeiss.jpg (41281 bytes)
A Keiss House

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Road to John O'Groats

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Local Shop

sinclairbayhotel.jpg (40866 bytes)
Sinclair Bay Hotel

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Road past hotel to Wick

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Road to Wick

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Post Office

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