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A-Z of Caithness Places


Ackergill Castle

At one end of Reiss Beach lies Ackergill Tower an old Caithness Castle now an upmarket retreat for the rich and famous or booked for weddings, conferences and launching new cars.
Check the Ackergill Castle History or browse the Ackergill Tower Photo Gallery   A Victorian Duck Decoy lies just off the beach in the grounds of Ackergill Tower.  At the very end of the beach past the rocks lies the small village and harbour of Ackergill

Reiss Beach Gallery

Reiss Beach is part of Sinclairs Bay and on the other side of the bay from Ackergill lies Keiss another small harbour with Keiss Castle just along the coast.  From Reiss Beach you can look over to Noss Head with its lighthouse now the clan Sinclair Study Centre with its Lairds Retreat Accommodation   Also At Noss Head are the magnificant castles of Sinclair And Girnigoe

A small village about two miles from Wick on the Road to Thurso at the turn off for John O'Groats.  Pictures taken 14 November 2000.
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Crossroads at Reiss

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Looking From Reiss
Towards Noss Head with
Ackergill Tower in between
Sinclair & Girnigoe Castles at coast
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Looking towards Wick

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Sub Post Office

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Uplifting Mail

Reiss Village Hall

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Wick Golf Course at Reiss