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Snowy Caithness
Page One

Various pictures taken on Wednesday 27 December 2000.

snowycastlehillharbour.jpg (39308 bytes)
Castlehill Harbour
snowycastlehilltodunnet.jpg (37818 bytes)
Castlehill to Dunnet Head
snowycastlehilltodunnet2.jpg (38910 bytes)
Castlehill to Dunnet Head

snowycastlehilltodunnet3.jpg (36316 bytes)
Castlehill to Dunnet Bay

snowycastletown.jpg (43724 bytes)

snowycastletown2.jpg (43413 bytes)

snowycastletown3.jpg (45163 bytes)
Castletown from Dunnet Bay

snowydunnetbay.jpg (44315 bytes)
Dunnet Bay

snowydunnetbay2.jpg (40948 bytes)
Castlehill to Dunnet Bay

snowyhoueofnortherngate.jpg (37173 bytes)
House of The Northern Gate

snowynewtonhill.jpg (41678 bytes)
Newton Hill near Wick

snowytobower.jpg (43093 bytes)
Road to Bower

snowytoreaster.jpg (43867 bytes)
Road to Reaster

snowywicktobower.jpg (37439 bytes)
Wick to Bower Road

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