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Weather In Caithness

Caithness has every type of weather and often within a few minutes.  The northern exposure and sea coast in the north and east means the temperature is well regulated.  Although very windy in winter the temperature rarely stays freezing for long.  In summer the temperature also rarely gets hot, the sea and breezes keeping it cooler.  The weather can be very dramatic and coastal views make amazing backdrops to cliffs and the sea.  A common site in the evenings and early hours is the Aurora Borealis especially on clear Autumn nights.   October 2000 was especially spectacular on good nights but the aurora is seen most years in Caithness if you are out on the right night.

Winter 2007

4 February 07
Rainbow Over Wick

Snow Photo Gallery 2006
The snow began at the end of February and carried on very cold for a few days until 6 March.  This section has hundreds of photos sent in by folk all over Caithness as well as from Bill Fernie.


Midsummer 2005

Snow Scenes From Lybster After The Blizzard 14 March 05

Cold and windy weather covered Caithness in snow as temperatures fell.

Christmas Day In Caithness 2004 Like The Christmas Cards
These scenes from Bilbster near Wick and Lybster show what it was like on Christmas day all over the county.  since then a mixture of snow, sleat and rain with most of the snow disappearing very quickly in the day or so after Christmas.


Wick Morth Pier & Harbour Lashed

Winters Grip In Caithness February 2004

January 2004
- Snowy Weather

December 2003 - Snowy Weather

Northern Lights In Caithness 2003

Mist At Dunnet November 2003

Sunset Near Thurso 28 November 2002

Wick Snow 3 February 2003

Wick Harbour Lashed Again In Another Big Storm 21 November 2002

22 February 2002

8 October 2002

24 February 2002

25 February 2002

Wick 19 February 2002

23 February 2002

Wick 18 February 2002

29 January 2001

23 January 2001

22 January 2001

25 January 2001

25 January 2001

Sunset 13 January 2001

Sunrise 14 January 2001

Strom At Dwarwick

snowycastlehilltodunnet.jpg (37818 bytes)
Click Picture for 3 pages of winter in Caithness taken 27 December 2000

wickboxingday.jpg (33891 bytes)
Wick - 26 December 2000 

sunset2.jpg (41251 bytes)
Sunset in Caithness

sunset.jpg (41238 bytes)
Fast Changing Skies

northcoastsky.jpg (43531 bytes)
North Coast Sky

tornado.jpg (44405 bytes)
A rare tornado in Caithness

tornadoblownup.jpg (41904 bytes)
This one did not last long

Storm at Wick

wickriver.jpg (42530 bytes)
Wick River after heavy rain.

thursofrompark.jpg (38500 bytes)
Thurso -  Park after heavy rain
21 November 2000

A feature of northern skies at night dependent on weather is the Aurora Borealis which can be seen on certain clear nights depending on weather conditions.  Multitudes of colours shimmer across the sky varying in intensity over seconds and minutes at a time.  Can last for  minutes or hours. 

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