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Walks In Caithness

A-Z of Caithness Places

Stacs and Cliffs of Caithness

Caithness has many geological features.  Some of the most prominent are the many stacs around the coast.  Often these are hidden as the main roads do not always follow the coast.  But a short trip down one of the side roads and a walk around the coast can reveal these hidden spectacles of sea erosion.  The cliffs offer nesting places to a huge variety of bird species and many climbers have discovered lots of places to test their skills.

Stack At Duncansby
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Muckle Stac

Brig O'Trams

Cliffs & Arches

Skorries Island
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Peedie & Tom Thumb Stacs

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Peedie & Tom Thumb Stacs

Sea Stack
Wick - Whaligoe

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Queenie Cliff

duncansbyhead10.jpg (35173 bytes)
Duncansby Head

Sea Arch
Wick - Whaligoe

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The Brough
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Stack Of Ulbster

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Humlies Hole
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Brig "O" Trams

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Stac at Auckengill

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Old Wick Rocks

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Muckle Stac

Young Stack

Young Stack

Duncansby Stacks
Duncansby Head
Coast of Caithness
Gloup On Stroma

Dunnet Head
Castles Section

Several of the Caithness Castles, towers and large houses are situated on or near cliffs often on small peninsulas of rock.  With steep cliffs on  all sides they could often be defended by a wall and moat on the only landward side.