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Sunsets In Caithness

There can be little doubt that the location of Caithness in the far north surrounded by sea on two sides and relatively flat or at least rolling landscape makes for side open vistas.  The sky and views of it are commented on often by artists who live in the area and more often by visiting artists who are unaccustomed to such frequent changes of colour and mood as seen in the skies over and around the county.  Words to describe a large sky seem odd but the words "Big Sky" come up often when looking for adjectives.  The sky sometimes does seem very big in the county and that is perhaps the nature of an area that can look far out to sea on a clear day or over the moors into mist, fog rain, snow, and brilliantly clear sunshine through the clear sea air or low hills with their peat and heather covering.  But if you are on the look out there are some great sunsets that you need to be in place to see as they can be gone in 20 or 30 minutes.
Let's see a few her over the coming years as we build this sunset section.

Sunset At West Calder, Caithness - Christmas Eve 2006