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Road To Yarrows 1 March 03
An area steeped in history spanning thousands of years.  At first glance this quiet landscape today with its sheep farms and crofts may look the idyllic life and indeed it has been at times over the lest few thousand years.  Along this quiet back road of Caithness lies the recent past with its old thatched buildings and croft houses, abandoned steadings and modern bungalows leading to the Yarrows Broch itself just the prelude to an area covered in ancient history evidenced by standing stones, stone rows, fort, brochs, chambered cairns and much more. 

In other section like archaeology you will find many more pictures and references to what has been found and can be seen.  The Yarrows Archaeology Trail takes you on a journey around some of the more prominent features still to be seen in this amazing landscape.  Most of it is as yet un touched by archaeologist although recent forays at Oliclett with its mesolithic discoveries holds out the possibility that much is yet to be uncovered about this mysterious part of Caithness.

An Earlier Walk Round Yarrows Trail
At the Yarrows Trails you will see
1. Broch and Settlement   2.  Round House  3. Round House  4. Cairns 
5. Standing Stones  6. Hilltop Enclosure  7. Long Cairn  8. Long Cairn
The full trip round the trail will take approximately 2 hours and a reasonable level of fitness is required as it heads up a long slope.  It is advisable to wear heavy footwear and take waterproof clothing.  Some parts may be wet rough or slippery depending on the weather and time of year. 

Mesolithic Discoveries

Yarrows Heritage Trust

Brochs In Caithness - Pictures of a few of the over 100 sites in the county.