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Lochs In Caithness

Caithness Lochs
The county of Caithness the most northerly on the mainland like many other counties in Scotland has over 100 lochs with fish.  Open moor runs down to the sea with many lochs draining through small streams and rivers.  Trout is of good quality ranging from a 1/2 to 2lb.  Some even reach between 3 - 6 lb.  Local tackle shops can give details of most lochs in the county.  Permits from local tackle shops, hotels and estate offices.

Loch Dubh
Loch Meadie
Loch Watenan

Loch Of Mey
An SSSI with a huge range of birds and designated as one of six lochs making up a Ramsar site.

Loch Beg

Loch Beg is located near the start of the Thurso river with the river running in one end and out the other.   A small loch it still provides some excellent fishing.  Contact Strathmore Lodge for details.

Loch More

Salmon and Trout Fishing is available on a daily or weekly basis.
Details from Strathmore Lodge Tel 01847 841227   - Web Site coming shortly (2 February 2003)

Loch Watenan

Loch Watenan

Loch Calder
Forming a water supply for Thurso and fed with several springs several different habitats.  Limestone runs under Caithness and as here it outcrops in several places.  The resultant waters are very fertile and trout can feed on a varied diet of nymphs, stonefly and stickleback.
Although mainly Trout some Ferox and Artic Char can be caught.

Heilan Loch
Permits can be obtained at Greenland Farm nearby and Harpers.
Some very large trout have been caught on Heilan.  With clear water and weed the feeding is excellent.  The earlier part of the season is often most successful.  Fishing from boat or from the bank is the norm.

Loch Watten

Famous as a trout loch it is a large body of water with limestone bottom.  The water is very clean and clear.  A strain of trout similar to Loch Leven trout are 3/4lb with occasional specimens up to 3lb.  Healthy fish produce a strong fight for the angler.

Reay Lochs
Permits from Harpers.
Excellent fishing with good average weights.

St. Johns Loch
The St. John's Loch Improvement Association manages the Loch which has its own small harbour and hatchery.  A voluntary group the association maintains and improves the stock each year.  Mayfly are abundant in mid summer and large trout are to be seen feeding.  Average size is 3/4lb of very good shape and colour.  Boats are mainly used but some wading is possible on the south shore.


stjohnsloch2.jpg (33710 bytes)
Part of St John's Loch

Thurso Fisheries Lochs
A series of moorland lochs in the Altnabreac area with forestry around from plantings over the last 20 years.  Permits are from the Ulbster Arms Hotel, Halkirk.  Boats are available on some of the lochs.  Trout vary in size from 1/2lb up to 5lb for specimens on certain lochs.  Cherigal Loch can have some excellent fishing..  Eun loch has large trout and the setting with the Scaraben hills is pleasant to fish.

Scarmclate Loch          
Permits from Dounreay Fly Fishing Association and Harpers Fishing Shop, Thurso.
A shallow loch near to Loch Watten the bank is soft and surrounded with drainage ditches and holes.  Wading must be carried out carefully.  Fish up to 3/4 lb. with nice markings.
The loch is an SSSI and one of six lochs designated as a Ramsar.  See Loch of Mey for details

Loch Stemster
Loch Ruard

Permits for both at Latheronwheel Estate and other fishing outlets.
Stemster is near to Latheron and has clear water.  A few boats available.  Fish 1/2 to 1lb.  There is no fishing after 12th August when shooting starts.
Ruard is situated in slightly remote moorland about an hours walk west of the Stemster turn off.  Fish are 1/2 to 1lb.  Make sure of your directions and take good clothing and ensure someone knows where you are going on this  outing.

Toftingall Loch
A peat and stone loch with good boat and bank fishing.  Fish up to 2lb are caught but more commonly 3/4lb.  Forestry track to the boathouse.  Mayfly hatch in early June .

Some Small Lochs

Dunnet Head Lochs
Permits from Dunnet Head Tea Room, Brough, Dunnet.  The group of small lochs extends along the headland  including Long loch and Many Loch Chain.  The sea is almost always in view from fishing points on these lochs.


Sarclet, Hempriggs and Yarrows
Permits from Thrumster Filling Station, Thrumster.
Near to Wick with trout of various sizes.  Yarrows is well known to beginners locally and it has a smaller attached water - Marl Loch with larger trout.

Loch Sarclet

Scrabster Loch
Permits from Harpers, Thurso.  Known as a difficult water but with some large specimens. Requiring calm, warm water.

Loch of Wester
Permits from Auckhorn Farm and Hugo Ross Tackle, Wick.
A good sea trout and salmon loch joined to Wester river and the sea.  Brown trout also found but not superior