Loch Watenan

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Loch Watenan lies in a rock basin that was probably formed or increased by erosion of ice.  The area near Loch Watenan has at least 6 and probably more sets of standing stones several of which have many stones missing.  The best example with clear rows still standing is Garrywhin (ND 314413).  The loch is on the coastal side of a landscape stretching over Warehouse Hill to Yarrows Broch that is covered in a huge range of monuments, buildings burial sites and standing stones from many periods in history.  Near to the top of the Hill is the fort at Garrrywhin (ND313413) that may have been no more than a cattle stockade but is huge with walls 8 - 12 feet thick and portal gate stones still at the entrance.   Water runs into the loch from the surrounding peat covered hill and out by a stream that feeds first into the mill pond at Whaligoe and subsequently into the sea. 

West Side


Old Croft By Edge

Over Watenan To Whaligoe