Ormlie Job Club - One Year Old !!
Job Club Workshops
On the run up to its first Birthday, Ormlie Job Club is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a new series of employability workshops; focusing on a variety of topics including Enhancing CV's & Interview Skills, which strive to enhance Job-Seekers employability.

Uninsured Drivers Caught In Police Campaign
Northern Constabulary detected seven drivers during an ACPOS led weekend of enforcement against uninsured motorists and vehicles.

Lybster Learners Enjoy Internet Lessons
Internet Lessons At Lybster
Everybody Online Caithness last week completed delivery of its second Internet for Beginners course in partnership with Lybster, Latheron, Clyth Community Development Fund.  The Everybody Online project has been running in the Caithness area for 2 years now and is designed to encourage more people in Caithness to get online and benefit from everything the internet has to offer.

Old and New Doors Open FREE This September
Doors Open Day 2011
Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors?   Every September, the national Doors Open Days offers free access to landmark buildings, private homes and usually private work spaces that the public never normally get a chance to see.  The Highland programme is co-ordinated by The Highland Council and Inverness City Heritage Trust.  This year, over 35 sites will be open in The Highland Council area, ranging from state-of-the-art modern facilities to ancient castles and nuclear bunkers. In Caithness doors will be open on Saturday 17th September.  All the particpating places are FREE for that day.
Caithness Relay For Life 2011 - More Photos to come  Start Here
Staggering 125,000 Raised So Far - See Video From The Event Below
73 - 84                                 
85 - 96
Caithness Relay For Life 2011 Caithness Relay For Life 2011

Reay Horticultural Show 2011
Reay Horticultural Show 2011 Reay Horticultural Show 2011 Reay Horticultural Show 2011 Reay Horticultural Show 2011

Caithness Relay For Life 2011 -
More Photos to come  Start Here
Staggering 125,000 Raised So Far - See Video From The Event Below
37 - 48                                    
49 - 60                                  61 - 72
Caithness Relay For Life 2011 Caithness RElay For Life 2011 Caithness Relay For Life 2011

2008 Caithness Relay For Life Photos

Thurso Lifeboat Launched To Assist Drifting Cargo Boat - BBC
From Thuro Lifeboat Face Book Page
"Thurso Lifeboat launched this morning at 4.20am in gale force 9 to storm force 10 conditions to go to the aid of a 94m cargo vessel "Norholm" which had lost power due to engine problems and starting drfiting 4-5 miles off Ushat Head, near Forss on the North Coast. The "Norholm " did however manage to regain 20% power and make her own way to Scrabster under escort by "The Taylors." Both vessels endured terrible sea and weather conditions and arrived safely back in Scrabster Harbour at 6.50am."

Doanalsin's Diary
Noel Donaldson writes Doanalsin's Dairy

Highland League Results

Fit's in 'e' Groat 'is week?

Driver's court appearance following death crash

Caithness policeman denies fabricating evidence

Week-long campaign by Northern Constabulary

Cannabis cultivation won't be tolerated-sheriff

Police ATMs alert

Caithness Relay For Life 2011 - Staggering 125,000 Raised So Far   Start Here
13 - 24                            
25 - 36
Caithness Relay For Life 2011 Caithness Relay For Lif

Caithness Relay For Life 2011
1 - 12
Caithness Relay For Life Caithness Relay For Life Caithness Relay For Life
If you would like to add your team photos just email them to for inclusion in this gallery which will be growing all day Sunday.

2008 Caithness Relay For Life Photos

Caithness Relay For Life - 66 Teams Fundraising For Cancer Research UK

Today at the Dammies, Thurso Hundreds Raise Cash Until 6.00am Sunday

Academic Procession Marks The New University Of The Highlands and Islands
Prof Stuart Gibb (right at the procession to mark the new University of the Highlands and Islands New Univeristy Of Highlands and Islands New Mace For New Univeristy of Highlands and Islands Cardinal O'Brien Signs Visitor Book At town House Inverness
The new university of the Highlands and Islands has truly come into being following the evnt on Thursday where 800 invited guests form the Highlands and Islands and academic insitutions around the UK came together to celebrate its inauguration.  A new mace to be used at degree ceremonies was presented and various speakers told the story of how the university had come into being.  An academic procession followed with a fly past from the RAF.  Represntatives including Professor Stuart Gibb from the Environmental Research Insitue were in attendance.  A suprise guest was his eminence Keith Patrick Cardinal O'Brien who also signed the visitor book at the Town House, Inverness.  He is the first cardinal ever to enter the Town House.  A message was sent from Michael Russell MSP by video as he was unable to attend for the day.  The proceedings were in English and Gaelic.

Univeristy Of the Highlands and Islands Procession

Procession Video 2   Procession Video 3  Univerity Of Highlands and Islands Web Site
Shakespeare?            Testimonial Football       Photography Competition
Shakespeare? Well Almost! Gary Manson Testimonial wick Academy V Inverness Caledonian Thistle Science 03 Photo Competition

The New Purgatory - A New Play By George Gunn
At The Ironworks, Inverness Saturday 3 September at 1.30pm
Presented by Skraelings Theatre Company - Directed by Iain MacDonald -
Music by Mairi McLennan
You Can Help Two Wee Caithness Lassies win Fabland Competition
Fabland Competition Fabland Competition
two wee Caithness lassies have reached the final of this competition out of hundreds of entries.  They had to desing a bedroom they would like.  They are in the final 15 and they need votes for their entry if they are to win a bedroom makeover and a family holiday or other prizes.  All you need to do to help them win is to vote on the Fabland web site and we have made links to their entries via the pictures and below.
VOTE For Vickie Dunnet
Vote For Hannah Hughes
You can vote for both.  Send Hannah a message to say you voted in our forum HERE and for Vicki HERE

Russian Convoys - 70th Memorial Event
Russian Convoys - 70th Memorial Event Russian Convoys - 70th Memorial Event Russian Convoys - 70th Memorial Event
During the event members from 
Royal British Legion, Wick Branch, National Merchant Navy Association, Caithness Branch, Royal Navy Association, Highland Branch and National Merchant Navy Association, Stornoway Branch presented to HRH Prince Michael of Kent. The community around Loch Ewe commemorated the 70th anniversary of the first of many WW11 Arctic Convoys to sail for Russia. HRH Prince Michael of Kent joined over fifteen Veterans at the Memorial Service held at the Sasan, Cove, together with over three hundred family, friends, VIPs, local residents and schoolchildren. Against strong winds and rain, local clergy and veterans led the service, supported by a lone bugler and piper – giving the event both poignancy and a tremendous warmth.

Doanalsin's Diary
Noel Donaldson writes Doanalsin's Dairy
Drama in latest evidence in robberies trial at Wick Sheriff Court
Business gateway to tour

Fraudulent Scheme
POLICE in Wick are reminding members of the public not to pass personal information, particularly bank details, over the telephone. This follows reports of a fraudulent scheme ongoing via telephone whereby elderly people are targeted at home and offered an electrical money saving device called a ‘power saver’.  This device is allegedly plugged into a socket within the home and saves a high percentage on future electric bills. Bfest Music At Wick - More Photos
Bfest Music At Wick, Caithness Bfest Music At Wivk Bfest Music At Wick

Warning On New Council Tax Phone Scam
Trading Standards Officers from The Highland Council are warning residents that a Council Tax scam may be operating in the region.  The scam involves unsuspecting consumers receiving a phone call from an individual pretending to be from the Council or from the UK Treasury and offering a refund on their Council Tax.

Bower Gala 2011- All Photos Now In -
Bower Gala From The Start
181 - 192              193 - 204     205 - 207
Bower Gala 2011 - Scarecrow Bower Gala 2011 - Beetroot Preserve Bower Gala 2011 - Art Works

Bower Gala 2011
- More Photos to come - Bower Gala From The Start
145 - 156    157 - 168              169 - 180
Bower Gala 2011 - Floral Displays Bower Gala 2011 - Baking Bower Gala 2011 - Children's Art
Bower Gala 2011 - Bower Gala From The Start
121 - 132                                        133 - 144  
Bower Gala 2011 Bower Gala 2011

Bower Gala 2011 -
Bower Gala From The Start
109 - 120
Bower Gala 2011 - Children's Races Bower Gala 2011 - Children's Races

Earlier Years Bower Galas - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007
Pet Dog Racing For Fun At Bower Gala 2011

Bower Gala 2011 -
Bower Gala From The Start
97 - 108 - And the even funnier pet dog races - You had to be there!!!!
Bower Gala 2011 - Pet Dog Races Bower Gala 2011 - Pet Dog Races

Bower Gala 2011 - Bower Gala From The Start
73 - 84 - Wow Lamb Racing      85 - 96
Bower Gala 2011 - Lamb Races Bower Gala 2011 - Lamb Racing

Bower Gala 2011 - The Pets Competitions -
Bower Gala From The Start
61 - 72
Bower Gala 2011 - Pet Competitions Bower Gala 2011 - Pets Bower Gala 2011 - Pets Bower Gala 2011 - Pets

Thurso Couple Scratch Their Way To A 250k Win
Thurso Couple Win on Scratchcard
A care worker from Thurso and his wife have scooped 250,000 on The National Lottery 250k Turquoise Scratchcard. Sandra Swanson (48) bought the Scratchcard at her local supermarket, D&M Fraser on Castlegreen Road in Thurso on Friday 5 August and scratched it when she got home to reveal the winning amount.  See larger Photos HERE
Earlier -
Wick Couple Scoop 200k On EuroMillions

Bower Gala 2011 - Bower Gala From The Start
49 - 60
Karate Demonstration at Bower Gala 2011 Bower Gala 2011 - Pets Competition

Karate Demonstration At Bower Gala 2011

Karate Demonstration At Bower  Gala 2011

Bower Gala 2011 - Bower Gala From The Start
37 - 48
Bower Gala 2011 - Always Give Them a Big Cardboard Box

Bfest At Riverside Wick
Bfest at riverside, Wick Bfest At riverside, Wick Bfest at Riverside, Wick
If you have some good photos to share then send them to for inclusion in this gallery.  Photosof bands, people you know or anything you want to share.

Keith Parkes New Gallery At Brough
Keith Parkes Gallery At Brough, Dunnet, Caithness Keith Parkes New Gallery At Brough, Dunnet, Caithness  Kieth Parkes New Gallery At Brough, Dunnet, Caithness
Keith Parkes has opened a new gallery as a show case not only for his landscape and wildlife photography but also contains a permanent wedding section displaying a range of albums etc for prospective clients to browse at their liesure.  In addition to photos a range of furniture and many other items for the home are on display.
Doanalsin's Diary
Noel Donaldson writes Doanalsin's Dairy
Fit's in 'is week's Groat
Academy's away game outcome

Bower Gala 2011
1 - 12                          13 - 24                 25 - 36  
Bower Gala 2011 - Winner of The Cattle section Bower Gala 2011 - King's Court Bower Gala 2011 - Fun Bowls Bower Gala 2011 - Highland Dancers

Are You interested In Amateur Radio And Short Wave Listening - Then Read On
For the attention of all radio amateurs and those interested in amateur radio and short wave listening.  The president of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), Mr Dave Wilson M0OBW, will be visiting the Caithness Amateur Radio Society on Thursday the 25th of August. He will be giving a short talk on the RSGB and will be open to questions from the floor. Venue the Castlehill Heritage Centre, Castletown at 7:30pm. All invited.  Contact the club secretary, Bob Renshaw  on 01847 831643 or email

SUNDAY 21st AUGUST 2011  - 2:00 PM TO 5:00 PM
Walled gardens with sea views, rockery and sunken garden
DELICIOUS TEAS - Plants and other stalls
Admission 3.00 OAP’s 2.00 Children 50p
Entrance on A 836 - mile west of Reay Village
Nybster Broch Archaeology Site
Nybster Broch Archaeology Site Dig 2011 Nybster Broch Archaeology Dig 2011
The archaeological Dig at Nybster Broch near Auckengill has now come to an end for this season.  Many newitems have been found and many samples taken for analysis in coming months.  the site continues to prove itself worthy of investigation.  Dr andy Heald who led the dig said,"Nybster Broch is a gem in Caithness and if it were possible to open it up in full permanently instead of back filling it then it might be seen as comparable to Skara Brae in Orkney"  To read more details about the various finds and how the dig progressed go to the Nybster Broch Blog
For some earlier bits on Caithness Archaeology go HERE

Fresh Teaching Talent Welcome In The Highlands
New Probationer Teachers in Highland 2011
Eighty probationer teachers who will be working in Highland schools in the new session were welcomed to the Highlands at their induction in Inverness by Councillor Bill Fernie, Chairman of The Highland Council's Education, Culture and Sport Committee, and Hugh Fraser, Highland Council's Director of Education, Culture and Sport.   The new teachers will be starting work in schools across the Highlands on Tuesday 16th August 2011 when pupils return to school following their summer break.   In total, 36 probationers have been allocated to secondary schools and 44 to primary schools in the Highlands.  12 new teachers take up post in Caithness.  For a Larger photo go HERE - then select "view full size here" underneath the photo.
Keiss Gala 2011
25 - 36                                                           37 - 48
Keiss Gala 2011 Keiss Gala 2011

Keiss Gala 2011 Start HERE - More photos later

Keiss Gala 2011 - Dounreay Dogs Demonstration
1 - 12                                                               13 - 28                    
Keiss Gala 2011 - Dounreay Dogs Demonstration Dounreay Dogs Demonstration Dounreay Dogs Demonstration

Video Of Dounreay Dogs Demonstration At Keiss Gala 2011

Another Dounreay Dogs Demonstration Video

Keiss Gala 2011
13 - 24
Keiss Gala 2011

Gospel In Caithness    Children's Bible Club
Gospel In Caithness   Bible In Caithness

Keiss Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress
Keiss Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress

Keiss Gala 2011 - More photos later
Keiss Gala 2011 Keiss Gala 2011 Keiss Gala 2011 Keiss Gala 2011
A great day for the Keiss Gala - Warm and sunny.

Wick Team Wins Keiss Gala 2011 Seven A Side Football Competition
Keiss Gala 2011 Football Keiss Girls Presented Medals To All Players Keiss Gala Football Keiss Gala FootballKeiss Gala Football
WICK football teams seemingly were all on the up on Saturday as the East End Boys Club won the Keiss Gala football competition

Wick cut Thistle down to size - Noel Donaldson
Wick Academy have something to celebrate
WICK ACADEMY produced the shock of Highland League action, today, with a well-earned 3-1 win over Buckie Thistle, their first of the season!  Not even the fact that the Jags were seriously under-strength, could take the shine off the result which delighted players, fans and, particularly new manager, Dave Kirkwood, whose first season had got off to a rather uncertain draw and a defeat.  Academy opened their account with a well-taken goal by Sam Mackay in the 30th minute but the visitors levelled before the break. In the second period, the Scorries flew high, with two more goals to put the game out of Buckie’s reach.  I can’t remember when Wick last beat Buckie last and I doubt if they have beaten a reigning champion side, too often...................
See More Doanalsin's Diary Stories
New Houses Near Battery Road Wick Nearing Completion
New Houses At Battery Road, Wick, Caithness New Houses Near Battery Road Nearing Completion
New homes at this estate near Battery Road, Wick are nearing completion.  The homes area mix of flats and detached houses.
Final Thurso Gala Photos Start Here - 168 - 192
Thurso Gala 2011

Wick Primary Schools Consultation
Statutory consultations on the provision of Primary Schools in Wick Caithness have been welcomed today by members of The Highland Council's Education, Culture and Sport Committee.
These proposed developments are part of major investments, totalling more than 57 million being planned for schools in Wick over the next five years.  Councillor Bill Fernie, Chairman of the Education Culture and Sport Committee, who represents Wick, said: "Wick and Caithness will have two of the best schools not only in the Highlands but Scotland providing 21st Century education provision for our pupils, that will also benefit families and the local community through the fantastic new community facilities that will be associated with the schools." 

Thurso Gala 2011 - yet more photos
145 - 156                                157 - 168   
Thurso Gala 2011 - Queen's Court Thurso Gala 2011 - Page Boy and Flower Girls Thurso Gala 2011 - Crowds
Thurso Gala
109 - 120                   121 - 132                                                                 133 - 144            
Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011

Thurso Gala From The Start

Thurso Gala 2011
61 - 72                        73 - 84                     85 - 96                         97 - 108
Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011

Mey Games 2011
49 - 60                                61 - 72
Mey Games 2011 Mey Games 2011

Thurso Gala 2011
25 - 36                      37 - 48               49 - 60 
Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011 Thurso Gala 2011 - Gala Queen and Attendants

Doanalsin's Diary
Noel Donaldson writes Doanalsin's Dairy
Academy Loses Out Against Coasters
Fit's in 'is week's Groat
Northern Constabulary Appeal
Sheriff Court Cases

Mey Games 2011
37 - 48
Mey Games 2011 - Children,s Race Mey Games 2011 - Sword Dance

Mey Games 2011
25 - 36
Mey Games 2011 - Chairman and Announcers
May Games 2011 - Tug o War Team Mey Games 2011 - Tug o War Team

Thurso Gala 2011
1 - 12                                          13 - 24             
Thurso Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress Thurso Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress Thurso Gala 2011 - Children;s Fancy Dress Thurso Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress Thurso Gala 2011 - Children's Fancy Dress

Mey Games 2011
1 - 12                                                         13 - 24
Prince Charles At Mey Games 2011 Waiting To Present Flowers Mey Games 2011 Flowers Presented To Lord Lieutenant Anne Dunnet

Telford Lade Clean Up and Repairs
Telford Lade near wick has had a clean-up cleanup at Telford Lade Telford Lade Clean Up Telford Lade clean up

Thomas Telford's Watercourse (Mill Lade) is the one and only water scheme he actually designed which is still in its original state in the whole of Britain and is an important cultural part of the history of the creation of Pulteneytown as a settlement for the Herring Fishing in the 1800s. The watercourse was constructed in 1807 and completed in 1809 and supplied fresh running water for the town up until recent years. The Distillery now uses the water for the production of Old Pulteney whisky.  Jennifer Bruce for the Wick Path's Group said thanks to the volunteers for their time and effort in removing huge amountsof rubbish and to contractors and firms weho helped supply materials and equipment.  The opportunity arose to clean out the lade as the distillery had drained the lade to carry out essential works.  The section worked on was from Roxburgh Road to the Castle of Old Wick and the rifle range.  Jennifer has been working towards opening up a walkway along the length of the lade.
Wick Couple Scoop 200k On EuroMillions
Town Sees Second National Lottery Winner In Six Months
Wick Couple win 200k on Euromillions

An off shore mechanic from Wick and his wife are celebrating after winning \u00a3282,940.50 in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 7 June 2011 by matching all five main numbers and one lucky star.  John Sutherland (41) and his wife Angela waited five weeks to validate their ticket as John departed on the day of the draw for his off shore job with Schlumberger.

Ormlie Young Mums Funding Package
Ormlie young mums Receive new funding

Ormlie Young Mums, the Thurso based project which currently provides a wide range of support and advice to thirty three young mothers in and around the town, is about to extend its services to East Caithness thanks to a successful funding package applied for by Pentland Housing Association from the Wider Role Fund. 
Help and advice sessions will run in the Wick Family Centre every Friday from the 19th August between 1.00-3.00pm covering Health and Wellbeing, Fitness, Child Development, Knowing Your Rights, Housing Issues, Employment and Further Education and Confidence and Skill Building.

End of the road for ‘yellow brick’ lanes - Noel Donaldson
Wick Painted the Lanes Yellow Yellow Lanes In Wick

WICK’s colourful lanes, dubbed yellow-brick-roads by some locals, are to be toned down.
They rubbed their eyes in amazement and contemplated sunglasses after Highland Council workmen made a start on the vennels off the main town centre streets, yesterday, as part of an environmental improvement programme.  However, the "summer traffic yellow" paint applied by council workmen came up somewhat brighter than had been anticipated, in Miller Lane, Adam Lane, Kirk Lane and part of Anderson Lane, predictably sparking a spate of comments, for and against.

Education and Economic Boost For Wick

Major investment, totalling more than 57 million, is being planned for schools in Wick over the next five years.  As well as the construction of a new community secondary school within the existing site of Wick High School, at an estimated cost of 37 million, the Council will consider commencing a Statutory Consultation on the possible replacement of the town's primary schools with two new purpose built facilities.
At the Education Culture and Sport Committee on Tuesday 9 August members will be asked to consider a consultation on two options.  To the north, it is proposed to amalgamate Hillhead and North Primary Schools in a new school building on land available within North Primary School. The school, estimated to cost 10.5 million, would cater for approx 390 pupils.   To the south, it is proposed to join the South and Pulteneytown Academy Primary Schools in a new school to be built on the site of the existing High School playing field site and the site of Pultneytown Academy PS.   The new school would cater for 340 pupils at an estimated cost of 9.225 million.  With the new council office estimated to be around 8 million this will take the total investment in wick to 65 million in the next few years.

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