Caithness Field Club

Other Field Clubs

The Secretary, Mr. K, Butler, receives copies of some summer and winter programmes of other Field Clubs in the North. Any member who wishes to see these is welcome to do so.

Thirteen of our members had a most enjoyable Weekend when they were the guests of Orkney Field Club on Saturday September 1st. Crossing on the "Pentalina" they were met by members of Orkney Field Club who acted Is guides for the clay, visiting numerous places of interest. The visit was, however, somewhat longer than intended since when the time came to return a strong wind and rough sea had developed. Further Orkney hospitality was then gladly accepted in the form of accommodation for the night. On the following day the weather was equally bad and whilst some members were able to return home, on a charter flight, by Loganair, others were obliged to remain until Monday and return by the Pentalina or St. Ola.

Published October 1973