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Scott Mackay  - Donors Appeal Information Page

You can email Marisa with any information at marisaandscotty@yahoo.com
For Family Background Scott's Sister -  Sharron

From Scott's Little Sister Sarah - 29 May 2002
I am Scott's little sister Sarah. I just wanted to write and say thank you for all you have done for our family in our time of need. I am so grateful to everyone who has given so generously, even though they don't know us that well anymore. Again Thank You.  Sarah Mackay  www.teeshy@netzero.com

Round Table /Anthony Nolan Clinics
Please read all the information carefully before going to the clinics being set up by Round Table and Anthony Nolan.

Scott Was Originally From Thurso, Caithness
Marisa Mackay Tells Why The Caithness Appeal
The Mackay Family At Home In Aurora Illinois
14 May 2002
A Plea for Relatives of James Richard Mackay And Others To Volunteer For Bone Marrow Matching.


"My name is Marisa Mackay the newest member of the Mackay clan.  My husband is James Richard "Scott" Mackay.  He was born and raised in Thurso Scotland and is now residing in the U.S.

He has been battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for 3 years and is now in desperate need for a bone marrow transplant.

Unfortunately no-one in the US including his 2 siblings have matched.  It seems that his best chance is with his ancestors and his Scottish heritage.  I noticed on your website that you are having a blood draw on May 14th - funny but that will be his 28th birthday.  I am writing to you in hopes you can help me get everyone you can to become a bone marrow donor. 

This is the only thing that can cure Scott.  A blood drive is a perfect time as the resources are there and available.  To be tested it is a simple blood draw and if you match it is 5 days of shots 2 times a day then a day of giving blood so to speak, a IV in one arm to get blood out so it can be processed in a machine to retrieve stem cells, and a IV in the other arm to give you back the rest. 

If there is any way you can help to coordinate with the blood drive people to get as many people volunteering I would much appreciate it.   I am having drives here but as I said his best bet is in Scotland and I have no resources to do a drive in another country.   If you know of anyone else who can help please let me know.  

We have 3 children and he has much to live for.   There is someone out there who will match and save his life.

I just need help to find that person....."

Marisa Mackay

To help identify relatives Marisa has sent in a list of some of James's relatives - if you know anyone who is related speak to them to see if they would be willing to be tested as a possible donor to help try to save James.

Latest Relatives Added To List 20 May 2002
Maternal Grandparents: Archibald Hodgson McCubbin and Martha Moore
McCubbin (nee Moore)
Originally from the Kilmarnock area near Glasgow...
Archie's DOB - 4/10/1917
Martha's DOB - 6/15/19??

Paternal Grandparents: James Mackay and Jean Mackay (not sure of maiden name) Helmsdale, Sutherland.

Irene Ross - Thurso - Aunt

Susan Gray - Inverness - Cousin

Donald Gray - Inverness - Cousin

Archie Cameron - Preston - Cousin

Bobby Mackay - Ardrossan - Uncle

Jean Sewell - England somewhere - Aunt (Uncle Barry's wife - Dad's sister)

Jean Mackay - Helmsdale - Grandmother

George Mackay - Plymouth - 2nd Cousin

Jim Mackay - London - Father

Tracey Sewell - England - Cousin

Martin Mackay - Ardrossan - Cousin

Kirsteen Mackay - Ardrossan - Cousin

Ian Sewell - England - Cousin

James Jappy - Scrabster - 2nd or 3rd Cousin

This is all I could think of. Jean Sewell and Bobby Mackay could help with

2nd cousins.. We have an absolute TON of them in his area, I'm just not sure of who they are....

You can email Marisa with any information at marisaandscotty@yahoo.com

From Barry Sewell  - 26 May 2002
About us here in Dunfermline.
Jean Sewell who is aunt to Scott and sister to Scotts father Jim Mackay.   Barry Sewell uncle by marriage to Scott
Tracy Macmillan our daughter first cousin to Scott
Our son-in law Gordon Macmillan
Ian Sewell our son cousin to Scott and in the Navy
When we spoke to the Anthony Nolan manager locally he told us that there was no difficulty in getting personnel back from a ship if they were required as a donor. We asked this because both my son Ian, and Scotts other uncle George Mackay, in Plymouth, are serving in the Navy.
We are trying to sort out with our hospital how to get tested for a match for Scott as Jean and I are too old for the register and we have e-mailed the consultant in USA to drive it from that end.
It all depends where you live because Jean's brothers have managed to get the tests done by sending blood to there local hospitals, one in London and one in Glasgow.


Anthony Nolan Trust

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Center

Understanding Non Hodgkins Lymphomas (NHL)

Lymphoma Research Foundation

Bone Marrow Links

International Bonne Marrow Transplant Registry



Scott's Pictures On the Web



Scott Mackay

Final Entry
From The Scott Mackay Family Web Page

Scotts celebration of life service today,,I am so honored at the number of people who came..People were actually out the door,,and in the basement trying to get in.. Many nice stories were shared. Thanks to all who stuck out the heat,,as it was quite warm in the church. I couldnt have asked for a better turn out..Friends and family,,thats what Scott was all about,,and I know he was happy with our day.. This was closure for many and I hope we all can keep Scott fresh in our memories and carry him in our hearts. He was a true inspiration to all who knew him,,if even for 5 minutes..He was so full of life,,I still cannot believe he is no longer at my side..For those of you who have offered their extended friendship to me and my children , even though Scott is no longer here,,I thank you.. Scott made it a point of asking everyone, to please take care of me and the kids..Always looking out for me,,,but really,,I havent had the opportunity to get to know most of you,,and I hope we will have the chance..He loved and adored you all, and I am honored you have offered to remain part of my life. This will be my last entry, so thanks again to all of you who "tuned in" to our daily adventure. I hope you have all taken a close look at your lives,,and take nothing for granted. It is not the amount of breaths we take,,but how many breath taking moments we have. Live life to its fullest..And in the end,,we shall meet again.. Marisa Mackay.............................................

2 September 2002
Scott Mackay has lost his battle with cancer and died.  We are sad to hear of this news and send our thoughts to Marisa and the rest of the family.

27 August 2002
Bad News From Marissa
Posted On Scott's Web site
Well its day +26 our four month anniversary (wedding) and our news is grim. The fluid in Scotts right lung is encompassing about 90% of the lung. The doctors are at this time giving him a few days to a week to live. I have notified all family, Jim and Lindy are on their way and Sharron is out of town,,but is being tracked down. Sara is on her way to our house. Scott wants you all to know he loves you all and a few other choice words I cant post,,(use your imagination) Hospice will be coming tonight and he will receive a hospital bed and oxygen at home as well as morphine to make him comfortable.  He opted not to stay in hospital at this time.  We will get thru this together..Love to all Marisa

14 August 2002
Marisa Mackay Updating A Family Web Site

Marisa is now posting updates on a family web site as there are so many people to keep informed of Scott's progress

10 August 2002
From Marisa Mackay
Just wanted to let you know Scott is 9 days past transplant,,all is going as planned,,he is battling low blood counts as well as a blood borne infection, but other than that hes doing as expected.  Today he had a wee increase in his WBC which tells us that the marrow has found its way and is trying to work, he is engrafting.  We are very excited.  They are not giving him the anti-rejection meds as in protocol.  They want the graft vs host disease.  His tumors responded well to the chemo,,now they need to stay away for 3 months in order for the donor immune system to take over.  Our spirits are good, thank you for your support.   Marisa Mackay

29 July 2002
From Marisa Mackay

Hi  just wanted to touch base and let you know that Scott went into the hospital Thursday to start his pre-treatment for the BMT.  He will receive chemo for 6 days (today is day 4) and then get the donor cells on Tuesday night.  Lets pray the donor is strong , healthy, and has an above average immune system. Scott's tumors are still here, but are responding to the chemo. After the donor cells are transfused they would normally give Scott anit-rejection meds , but they wont be.  They want the graft vs host response as this is his only chance for this transplant to work.  He will most likely get very sick from the attack on his entire body but hopefully they will be able to treat those side effects.  He is fairing well considering all he has been through the last 3 months.  The roller coaster of tumors/ no tumors/ tumors/ no tumors etc...Lets pray they will be gone forever this time. Marisa Mackay

18 July 2002
From Marisa Mackay

Hi to all,
The transplant is confirmed to take place at approximately 7pm on July 31st .  Scott will be going to the hospital on July 24th at 09:00.  They will start high dose chemo on July 25th and it will go for 6 days straight.  They are jet flying out his cells as they would a heart for a heart transplant.  We are very excited to get this under way.  We both want to extend our thanks for those of you out there who have said prayers, sent cards, donated money, donated blood for bone marrow testing, offered to watch the kids, cooked meals, and to Melinda and Kevin for flying Alysa here and back, it has meant the world to us.  We could not have made it without your support and prayers. He is home and doing well ............. Marisa

15 July 2002
From Marisa Mackay

Just wanting to let everyone know that Scott is home tonight after a short hospital stay in which he received 5 doses of chemo --3 different types. Hopefully this will hold him over until the high dose chemo begins on the 22nd. He is doing fair and looking forward to starting with the transplant regimen. Marisa Mackay

7 July 2002
Hi to all,,,just wanted to update everyone,,,Scott went to the doctor today as he hasn't been feeling well, and unfortunately the tumor marker -- the LDH enzyme---was elevated yet again, which means that those aggressive tumors are doing what they do best, we need 17 more days to get him to the transplant.  Please keep praying, as Scott needs them right now.  He begins his work up next week which will consist of all major organs etc to be tested over 3 days, Monday ,Tuesday ,,and Thursday.......it will be a very trying week for us,.......,Marisa Mackay

13 June 2002
Hi to all ;  just wanted to let you all know Scott is going back to the hospital ,,,seems these tumors are getting very aggressive,,and they can't wait till Monday to start round 2,,,keep praying,,,Marisa

Scott Back Home 8 june 2002
From Marisa Mackay

"Hi to all,,,just a quick note to everyone to let you know Scott came home from the hospital tonight,,,We will be seeing the transplant doctor on Tuesday,,,and he will let us know if we are to do round 2 of chemo next monday,,,or if we can go straight to transplant,,however they are 99% sure he will have chemo again,,,otherwise he is home with me and the kids- dog - and his father and very happy to be here,,we are still very much in need of all your prayers so keep them going please,,,will touch base again Tuesday or Wednesday,,,," Marisa

Scott Gets Home On Wednesday 4 June
Marisa Mackay tells us Scott is expected home from hospital on Wednesday following his latest chemo treatment.  Tumours have responded well and they hope to begin transplant treatment in 2-6 weeks.  Scott's white blood cells have returned almost to normal after the latest treatment.  Following the bone marrow matches being traced the family are very up beat and looking forward to Scott returning home.

Four Potential Matches for Scott 4 June
One match is 100% and three others are looking close. 
The family are over the moon all over the place although there is still a long way to go in terms of getting this put to good effect.

New Canadian Web Site For Scott Mackay 3 June

Anthony Nolan Team Leave John O'Groats 3 June

6 of Scott's Relatives Gave Samples in Helmsdale

Anthony Nolan Clinic In Wick 2 June
We have heard that nearly 50 people turned up for the Anthony Nolan clinic and more people were drafted in to cope with the numbers filling in forms  and getting blood samples taken

Helmsdale Relatives Rally Round 29 May 2002
A drive for donors was met with sympathy in Scott's fathers home village of Helmsdale where the local doctor took blood samples  These will be sent to Glasgow to Ian Galbraith of The Immunology Department, Glasgow Royal Infirmary who can be contacted on
Tel 0141 211 4000.  

Caithness.org spoke today with Ian Galbraith and he knows the problems in getting the information out to people trying to find out where to get tested and what they need to tell their doctor.

Ardrossan Samples on the Way To Glasgow For Testing
Blood samples from Ardrossan have also been sent to Glasgow.

29 May 2002
Essential Information For Donors
Where To Send Results Of Tests
A question ringing round the globe from poeple wanting to be tested directly for Scott is where do the results get sent.  Marisa has now sent the details - 
after you have been tested please ask for your results and forward them to swojtow@lumc.edu  This will be the fastest way to get them to Scott,,,this is Sheila Wojtowicz RN his bone marrow coordinator..."   thank you,,,Marisa

29 May 2002
Caithness Courier Article
Noel Donaldson reporter for the Caithness Courier again highlighted Scott Mackay's need for donor combined with information about the Anthony Nolan wick Round Table drive on Saturday afternoon in wick Catihness General Hospital

28 May 2002
Anthony Nolan Clinic in Wick is 2.00 - 4.00pm On Saturday
The Round Table and Anthony Nolan Save a Life Campaign gets going in Wick on Saturday at the Caithness General Hospital.   Moray firth Radio will be running an item on the campaign on the hour from 4.00pm and at 5.30pm tonight.  They will emphasis that volunteers agree to be donors for anyone and not just for one individual if they go through the Anthony Nolan Trust set up.  Nurse Jennifer martin has agreed to take all the blood samples.  The radio broadcast will also mention that the actual donations are not as bad as people think  - it is the patients who have the real problems.

27 May 2002
82 Family Friends Rally Round in Aurora
A great turn out for the Mackay family as friends came forward to be tested yesterday.  Marisa is hopeful that Scott will be out of hospital soon following chemotherapy that will temporarily halt the spread of tumors.  Marisa says "if the tumors have responded enough they are looking to do bone marrow transplant as soon as 4 weeks...so lets hope he gets a donor soon..as the window of opportunity may be a few days or a week before the tumors will just come back."
Testing of people in other places is still going on and Tuesday will hopefully see a good turn out in the Helmsdale area where the family have the opportunity to get the samples taken by a local GP who has offered help.

26 May 2002
Scott's Dad On Way To Illinois

Scott Mackay's father is on his way to America to stay with his son and his family.  Scott's father along with other members of the family are now conducting a world-wide search for people who might be a match for Scott.  Messages are now criss-crossing the world between, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland and many other countries as the hunt goes on and the family reach more cousins and other relatives who are being tested.  The family are hoping for big turn outs at the Anthony Nolan Round Table clinics that start in Wick and carry on the length of the UK over ten days.
Mr Mackay is also in touch with many people in Caithness and elsewhere as he makes contact with as many people as possible in the bid to save his son's life.  He is scouring the world for family contacts and others who might be a match for Scott.

26 May 2002
Helmsadale Doctor Will Test Mackays On Tuesday
Helmsdale, is the Mackay family home area. The local doctor is arranging for next Tuesday for anyone to give blood for testing which will then be sent to Inverness Hospital to be tissue match.

26 May 2002
Scotts Relatives In The Navy May Be Tested
Scotts uncle by marriage BarRy Sewell said "
When we spoke to the Anthony Nolan manager locally he told us that there was no difficulty in getting personnel back from a ship if they were required as a donor. We asked this because both my son Ian, and Scotts other uncle George Mackay, in Plymouth, are serving in the Navy.  We are trying to sort out with our hospital how to get tested for a match for Scott as Jean and I are too old for the register and we have e-mailed the consultant in USA to drive it from that end."

 24 May 2002
Helmsdale Web Site Helps To Raise the Hunt For Scott Mackays Relatives
The Helmsdale web site is now carrying the campaign to spread the word for possible bone marrow donors deeper into Sutherland a county where many ancestors of Scott may have come from and returned to.  The aim is to try to increase the chances of finding a match for Scott.  The Helmsdale site has linked to the Caithness campaign pages.

 24 May 2002
Marisa Mackay Thanks Everyone For Their Support
Scott Mackays wife who is leading the campaign from Illinois to save her husband Scott Mackay who is suffering from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, by finding a bone marrow match was on Moray Firth Radio twice yesterday.   Moray Firth Radio broadcasting to the Highland Region helped raise the profile of the family who are trying to get more people to take blood tests and go on to the bone marrow registers.  Marisa Mackay is receiving 20 - 30 emails a day now from people all over and she would like to thank them for getting in touch.

24 May 2002
Australian Mackays
Australians with Mackay family history have been in touch.   a list of one family tree has been sent in and this does show where Mackays and other branches of that particular family have gone.  What it needs is for more people to come forward for testing.   Genealogy research may give us  - possibly too much -  information on Mackays but it is helping to raise the profile.   Anyone who can trace connection directly to Scott Mackay might still provide some useful leads.

23 May 2002
Moray Firth Interview Repeated at 5.15pm Tonight
Ken Kelman will run interview with Marisa Mackay again tonight at 5.15pm on Moray Firth Radio.  For those of you with all the right gizmos in place - Real Player - you may be able to get the streaming version on the web site at www.mfr.co.uk

23 May 2002
Marisa Mackay Interviewed On Moray Firth Radio

Highland Radio station Moray Firth Radio ran an interview with Marisa Mackay this morning widening the appeal for people to come forward to be put on the register in the bid to find a match for Scott Mackay.

23 May 2002
Round Table /Anthony Nolan Clinics Latest

The list of centres where people can go to volunteer to be tested for the appeal being run by Round Tables and Anthony Nolan Trust is now completed.  Some centres have still to report the venues and times.  these details will be added as they are received.

22 May 2002
Clinics List Round Table /Anthony Nolan Appeal
More clinics being added to a list building on a new page setting out times from Caithness in the north of Scotland to the south of England.
We are now co-operating with Wick Round Table and Anthony Nolan Trust to advertise the clinics.  Further Clinics with dates and times will be added shortly........
Please remember these clinics are not just for Scott Mackay but provide a golden opportunity to be tested if you are sure you want to volunteer.  Please read the guide lines carefully

22 May 2002
Scott's Uncle in Fife Gets Tested
Barry Sewell who is an uncle of Scott Mackay today went to a clinic in Fife where they were running a drive to get people on the register.  He was tested and set those wheels in motion.  If you are related to Scott and are getting tested let us know and we will take you off our list of people to trace.

22 May 2002
Coincidences Do Happen

“UK Save A Life“ Big Bike Tour 1 - 11 June 2002
This huge appeal being organised by Round Table of Great Britain and the Anthony Nolan Trust just happens to be coming to Caithness with help of Wick Round Table.  A cycle ride to raise the profile of clinics being held the whole length of the UK is starting in Caithness on 1 June.  We just found out about it yesterday and have been collecting the information to make it widely known.
On Saturday Afternoon on 1 June a clinic will be held in Caithness General Hospital to collect blood samples.  Volunteers willing to go on the register can come along but must consider what is involved before committing themselves.  More details are on the UK Save A Life Page set up for the Round Table Drive

Volunteers will not be tested just for being a match for Scott but for any match anywhere.  There will be clinics happening the whole length of the UK if anyone wishes to go to one near them.

22 May 2002
An old friend of Scott's is looking up the telephone numbers of relatives in the UK.
 However before we start phoning people up  - just to let you know we will be publishing a list of special clinics in connection with the UK Round Table and Anthony Nolan drive to get more people on the donor register.  If Scott's relatives or anyone else would like to consider going on the register they can do so at one of the special clinics being set up all the way down through the UK from Orkney in the north to Lands End in the south of England.

22 May 2002
Coming Tonight Details of a Bone Marrow Donors Appeal In Caithness  - Wick Round Table, Round Table of Great Britain & Anthony Nolan Trust
As part of a much larger appeal programme Volunteer Donors will be asked to come forward in Caithness on Saturday 1 June - Initially to give a blood sample to be placed on the International register.  Check back tonight (Tuesday) for full details of the drive and the Caithness centre and times.

22 May 2002
Caithness Courier Leads With Scott's Story
The Caithness Courier mid week sister paper to the John O'Groat Journal led with Scott Mackay's story as the main front page story today.  The story was accompanied by the photograph of the family outside their home in Aurora, Illinois.
Noel Donaldson headed his story with the headlines -
"Transatlantic plea to save Scott's life"
"Caithness connection could be last hope for father- of- three"
Noel's story outlined much of the information on the web site here and added some further details regarding the giving of blood samples for testing -
"Once a match is discovered the donor would give a unit of blood from which the life-giving stem cells would be extracted. "So easy" said Marissa, "but so precious to those in need"
"The sense of urgency is increased by the fact that it takes 10 weeks from the time a blood sample is given to reach the international bone marrow register."
Noel finished the article with
"Anyone who feels they can help Scott can e-mail the couple at marisaandscottu@yahoo.com

Family Background Information
In order to ease the burden of dealing with enquiries Sharron - Scott's sister has agreed to supply family background and details to any reporters.  she can be contacted by email at  -

21 May 2002
Latest From Marisa

Scott was admitted to the hospital yesterday,,,things aren't looking well...we had to start chemotherapy today,,,,there wasn't a minute left we could wait,,,many more tumors,,,and we must stop them,,,we are still hoping for the opportunity for a bone marrow transplant,,,but today we have to get him under control,,,he's begun needing transfusions of blood and platelets,,,and we must keep infections at bay,,,,my job now is to keep him eating,,,drinking,,,and his faith and spirits on track,,,which isnt easy for either of us at times...my neighbors here are keeping the drives and such under control ,,,and family is here with our children,,,without you all ,,,I would be a mess,,,,thank you again,,,Marisa Mackay

20 May 2002
Relatives Added To listings on left hand column to assist anyone who may be related to the family.

18 May 2002
From Marisa - Scott Family Set Up Fund

Things are going ok here...I have a drive set up May 25th but unfortunately our government is not funding for drives in this area again until September so I have set up a fund for Scotty...Family in Virginia are also having a drive June 1st and they were able to get the cost per person from $70.00 down to $21.00 with funding they had left for there area...

Scott visited the doctor yesterday and we had to have more MRI's done to his brain and he will be going for a spinal tap today or tomorrow,,,he has been showing signs of the lymphoma affecting his central nervous system,,,but it may just be adverse effects from the pain medications and steroids? Still is very worrysome...So knowing that you and others are out there doing this helps me take one step back to care for him...I have had lots of replies coming from your web site...family of Scotts,,,friends he grew up with..its been heart-warming...Anyway I am going to share with you the address and account for his fund,,,as I am sure someone out there will be willing to donate if they can...I have 2-3 months after the drive to foot the bill to the blood bank,,,which is nice,,,nothing up-front.....the fund is..under my maiden name (as I didnt bring in my marriage certificate )

Old Second National Bank----1350 North Farnsworth Ave, Aurora, Illinois 60505-2068   
Account name: Marisa Addison for the James R Mackay Fund  Account  1705023826 

15 May 2002
Poster Campaign in Caithness Gets Going
Posters appealing for Relatives of the Mackay family to get in touch if they would consider being tested for a Bone Marrow Match were put up at the blood transfusion Centre n Wick.  The  staff were very helpful and thought that the profile of Bone Marrow registers would be raised by the small campaign.  posters will shortly go out in Thurso to make it more widely known in Scott's original home town.  We are considering a poster on the site that anyone can download to place in windows or offices etc - more on that later.

15 May 2002
Blood Transfusion Centre, Wick -  Yesterday

Pictures at the centre in Wick. anyone considering bone Marrow registration can get details from the staff at any Blood Transfusion Centre or from various web sites.

14 May 2002
Blood Transfusion Service Visits Wick
Today is the half yearly visit of the Blood Transfusion Service to wick for blood donors.  We have received permission to put up information about Scott Mackay and his family's search for a bone marrow donor.  As there is a possibility that the best place to look for a suitable donor is Scott's area of birth posters will go up at the transfusion centre today.   Anyone looking for more details about being put on the bone marrow register can get information from the staff.  Anyone who thinks they might be in any way related to Scott can ask about getting tested and contact us here at Caithness.org or direct to Marisa.  The first steps are normally in the UK are through your general practitioner for tests to be done.


14 May 2002
Marisa Mackay Tested  -
Now On The Bone Marrow Register
Scott's wife has now had herself put on the Bone Marrow Register even though she is not a match for her husband Scott.

14 May 2002
Another web site suggested by Marisa for more information is
International Bonne Marrow Transplant Registry

From Scott's Big Sister 13 May 2002
My name is Sharron Mackay, I am James Richard "Scott" Mackay's sister.  I am writing to say "Thank you" for all you are doing for my brother. It was extremely disheartening (being his older sister) that I did not match his marrow type and it's more frustrating still to feel useless. The information you have posted on your website will be hugely beneficial in assisting us in our search in Scotland for marrow matches for our Scotty!!
I wanted to express my most sincere thanks for all you are doing. To anyone reading your website, "my thanks" go out to you all as well.   Donating bone marrow, or registering to become a bone marrow donor, is probably one of the most giving things we can do to help save lives and I encourage everyone to sign up. Thanks again.
Sharron Mackay

13 May 2002
Web Sites For More Information From Marisa Mackay

www.marrow.org or www.bonemarrowtest.com
Family Information.
"We live in Aurora Illinois,,about 40 minutes southwest of Chicago. I've lived here all my life.  Scott as you know spent his first 16 years in Scotland.  Then to Virginia U.S for one year Then enlisted in the U.S ARMY for seven years where he was stationed in Schweinfurt.  Germany then to Aurora and here we are. My son is 12 Justin,,,Abby is 6 and Alysa is 5...oh yeah I have a German Shepard named Talon..."

12 May 2002
From Scott's Wife Marisa -
To help any relatives identify the correct family.
Family Information on
James Richard "Scott" Mackay
Birth certificate information: District#161   entry # 85  N.H.S.#16174085  Born May 14 1974 at Dunbar Hospital at 0440 In Thurso.

Mothers maiden name...Linda Louise Johnetta McCubbin  residing at 14 St.Olaf Rd.  Date of parents marriage June 4 1971  The registers name= Janette A.THomas.    Fathers name James Mackay

So Maybe we should also include the McCubbin family?? Yes definitely...I will contact Scotts mom and hope to get more info,,but maybe in the mean time post her maiden name as well?

You can email Marisa with any information at marisaandscotty@yahoo.com

More Information on Bone Marrow Donors in the UK  at
Anthony Nolan Trust

Note From Caithness.org Web masters
We have never run a request like this before.  If anyone has done this before we would appreciate any suggestions or contacts to promote the campaign on behalf of the Mackay family in the USA.

Update on offers of help
13 May 2002
A family researcher in Canada has offered to search for Canadian relatives of the Mackay family who may have emigrated to Canada in the last 150 years.  A Genealogy type research may lead to family members being traced.  

Anyone in Caithness willing to offer such research time please get in touch with bill@caithness.org for more family details to be passed over.