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28 April 06
Caithness Phone Boxes Get A Mention In New Short Film Series
Films Produced by ‘Out Of A Box’
Directed By: Anna Jones and Joanna Wright - Executive Producer: Jamie Johnson

Bill Fernie was contacted by film makers Anna Jones and Joanna Wright for some background on phone boxes in Caithness and agreed to meet them to contribute to their series of short films commissioned by Channel 4 to be screened 2 - 4 May 2006 at 7.50pm each evening.

On the 70th anniversary of the “Jubilee Kiosk”, the famous red phone-box, we bid farewell to the public telephone. A series of films about their decline in a mobile age and the changing ways Britain communicates.

Episode 1: A Brief History of the Red Telephone Box
Reminiscence on the days before mobile telephones from the highest payphone in the UK, above the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Episode 2: Inside the Box
Away from the picture postcard image of London Telephone Boxes, we take a look at a different side of this famous landmark.

Episode 3: Mobile Phone
Follows the journey of an unprofitable payphone from the Scottish Highlands to a new life in the city. - Bill Fernie and Caithness In This Episode

Film Shoot At Braemore

Joanna Wright And Anna Jones Filming At Braemore

Filming at Braemore took place on a very cold day with sleat and snow adding to the remote location 6 miles along a single track road from Dunbeath that lies on the Caithness coast.  Shooting between the snow showers and the wind added to authenticity of the reasons why a phone box is necessary in this and other remote locations in the Highlands.

Music: Matthew Davidson
Sound Design: Christopher Wilson
Sound: Alex Ashcroft and Jamie Wrate

Production Company: OUT OF A BOX,
TELEPHONE 44 790 321 8774 EMAIL: joannamartinewright@hotmail.com