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Ice House, Scrabster

Scrabster Streets Scrabster Weather Station  

Aerial Film Of Scrabster and Surrounding Area

Scrabster Wak Around - 5th January 2014

An Even Closer Look Round Scrabster Harbour

Saturday is a quiet day at Scrabster Harbour at this time of year but it does make it easy to take pictures.  Here we go right round the harbour looking at the older buildings and the new ones covering a large part of the harbour.  Much of the fish market area is dominated by D Steven Ltd who have lorries constantly on the road transporting fish from Scrabster consigned south.  Anyone who travels the road south will always see Stevens lorries going north and south at almost any time of the day or night. The port is always changing and the new fishery office is now in use. Some things remain the same and the wee gargoyles still look out over the comings and goings of the harbour.   The Orcadians are talking about a tunnel to Orkney so perhaps the port will have a different look in years to come ( For the sceptics they are deadly serious and have looked at the fact that Norway already has the know how and has built a number of long range road tunnels connecting remote areas.

9 January 05
Look Round Scrabster
7 March 04
Boys And Bikes - Scrabster Saturday
Around Scrabster
Scrabster 31 August 2003
April 2003 Daffodils
15 February 2003
10 December 2002

16 February 03
Ferry Terminal Make Over
20 April 2003
Hamnavoe Trip

Harbour Pier Development
New pier pictures from start to finish

Fish Market  

Boats In September 2002

23 June 2002

Pentland Yacht Regatta

St Ola Drive New Houses

Fish Market

Aerial View

19 March 2002

23 October 2001

23 October 2001

New Houses

Thurso Lifeboat Leaving Harbour

23 October 2001

Holborn Place, Scrabster

Scrabster House Above Harbour

New Harbour Developments

Old Custom House

 The Vent      Ice House  Scrabster House
Scrabster Harbour Day  June 2001
Scrabster Harbour Day 2000
Pentland View Nursing Home
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