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War Memorials

A-Z of Caithness Places 

Caithness Statues and Monuments

Auckengill Page

statueauckengill1.jpg (28086 bytes)
Outside St Clair Village Hall

statueauckengill2.jpg (33359 bytes)
Another outside St Clair Village Hall


More Castletown Pictures
warmemorialcastletown.jpg (38977 bytes)
War Memorial - Main Street

Alexander Bain


More Wick Pictures

jamescalder.jpg (44075 bytes)
James Calder
who wrote A history of Caithness
Stands near the Railway Station
Looking over the Wick river

johnalexander.jpg (39078 bytes)
John Alexander MD
born 26 January 1839
died 5 December 1901
A former Medical Officer of
Caithness.  Near Wick station facing to town centre
warmemorialwick.jpg (27589 bytes)
Top of the Wick War Memorial
1914 -18 and 1939 - 45
wargraveswick.jpg (34660 bytes)
War Graves
Wick Cemetary
jamesbremner2.jpg (35360 bytes)
James Bremner
More Halkirk Pictures
        memorial.jpg (35194 bytes)  
War Memorial - Halkirk
1914 - 18
1939 - 45
Pictures of the Name Plaques are in the Halkirk Page
More Thurso Pictures

sirjohnsinclair.jpg (41394 bytes)
Sir George Sinclair of Ulbster
28/8/1790 - 9/10/1868
Was MP for the area.

warmemthurso.jpg (35582 bytes)
Thurso War Memorial
1914 - 1918
1939 - 1945

fountain1894.jpg (38422 bytes)
Fountain erected 1894 by 
Son of Sir George Sinclair

Harold's Tower