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Caithness Family History Society

Looking For Answers
A page for folk looking for answers to Caithness Family History.  We do not promise to enter items here but if time allows we will try to help.
Can you identify A Family Group probably taken at the Humphrey Studio in Caithness?

Mackay Family History Section
Section started 16 January 2005.  A place to list requests or Mackay related items that are sent in.  The first section has some questions and a request for confirmation of who is in one photo.

Miller Family History from Maureen Materi.
Latest additions 24 April 04

John Page's Miller Family information on Caithness.org

John Page has supplied us with an A to Z of his family information and an A to Z of the places connected with them.  Thousands of people are covered mainly from Caithness , Orkney and Suffolk but the Australian, Canadian and other countries connections also feature.
Start on John's Information page on this web site before going to his web site

Do You Have A Brims Family Connection?
The Brims Castle site now has a Brims Family Message Board for anyone with connections to get in touch.

Mowat, Thomson, Lyall, Sutherland
3 March 2001
More Information going to Fiona
22 February 2001
An update from Fiona - some success already.

Sinclair Connections

Bits & Pieces

North Highland Archive
Holds many documents and records of the north of Scotland.
This section on Caithness.org will list family names with Caithness connections.  Some information may be entered on our pages as supplied by the family member who has researched it.  Where information is held on another web site the web site address will be shown.  Unfortunately we do not have time to answer research enquiries ourselves but this listing of information commenced on 28 December 2000 may be of assistance to anyone looking for Caithness details.  We are not a genealogy site but do come across information on the subject on our travels.  Click Here for a basic collection of useful links for assistance and massive resources on other genealogy web sites.
We will add to this listing as time allows and make links to other web sites with Caithness connections as we are notified or find them.

Our new Where Are They Now section
 may turn up some connections

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17 July 07
Ron & Tricia Barnett

From anyone researching their Caithness Roots the interesting information comes from Tricia's side of the family.  Tricia has done a great deal of research and a gold mine of information can be found on many Caithness and other Scottish family connections.  Tricia was born Patricia Rose MORE and her family connections cover many Caithness names.  Check out this web site for a huge amount of information and research.

15 November 05
From Helen Widener 15 November 2005
I ran across The Caithness County Website and thought you might like another Mackay letter to add to your files. There is a considerable amount of genealogy in the letter written about 1821/22.  I also have a website for James Mackay at www.jamesmackay.us  The website contains the birth records of all his brothers and sisters born at Arichliney, Kildonan, Sutherland County, Scotland as well as the birth records for the children of James Mackay and Elizabeth Long. I would like to hear from anyone that might be a member of this family. The parents of James MacKay born May 1, 1761 were George MacKay and Elizabeth MacDonald of Clyth.

12 November 05
Wendy Burns From Brora Has Made This Request
Can you help identify people in the photo

18 September 2005
Miller Family History - Photo Album 8
Mainly Helen Miller in this section with her husband and daughter, Mrs More and her sister-in-law.

15 September 05
The Media Circus Hits Genealogy
Gordon Johnson takes a look at what modern media can and cannot do to help your family history search

1 September 05
Can You Identify The Lady Holding The Baby?
The photo attached is of my sister Margaret as a baby but I don't know who the lady is holding her. I am assuming she is a friend of my late mother's.  My mum was Jane (known as Jean) Henderson, she married Anson Hugh Mackay, who worked as a telephone engineer for many years. We lived in Wick and then moved up to Tongue.

28 March 05
From Graham Brodie
David More was born in Wick on 28.01.1890, son of David More, fisherman and Catherine More (nee Miller). The family lived at 29 Macrae Street, Wick. David's sister Catherine (Katie) More was my grandmother and married Henry Lyall in 1906.


7 December 03
Can Anyone Identify The People In This Photo?
From John Mowatt, Australia
The photo was one of several that were in an old shoe box when my grandmother died in 1960 in Sydney. My grandmother was Margaret Murray Mowat ms Bremner (b.1885 in Hempriggs). Until recently I thought that the subjects were John Alexander Sutherland, his wife Marjory Mowat (a g-aunt) and their two children Robert and Elizabeth but now I am having second thoughts and wonder whether the family is from my grandmother's Bremner side.

25 July 03
Lyall Waddell Family

From Canada Dina Waddell requests some help on tracing her Lyall roots.  With connections to Dunnet Head and Caithness she would like to hear from any relatives or anyone with more family information.

16 June 03
Maureen On The Trail - Does Anyone Have Information?
I am looking for the last of my grandmother's brothers families.

11 May 03
Album 7 In Miller Family History Starts

24 April 03
Another Sinclair Family Web Site
This site based in France has many names being added and has quite a few links back to Caithness.  the site is in French and English.

A Family Mystery 13 December 2002
rom Canada Comes a request for more information about this picture with Wick connectionsPeter Duchart is the only name known.

7 September 2002
Nigel and Teenie Miller
Anyone who has changed their email please contact Maureen Materi immediately, if they are relatives of Nigel and Teenie Miller

28 March 2002
Lynn M. Polgar lpolgar@comcast.net
I am writing a family history book on the Ryrie family.  My grandfather, George Ryrie Tait, was born in Thurso in 1900.  I have discovered an amazing amount of information on my family.  This includes ties to three Ryrie brothers who emigrated to Australia in the 1820's and played an important part in the settlement of the Victoria province as well as Sir Granville Ryrie who was a great military hero of Australia.
My interest in Badryrie, which means 'where the Ryrie's live', it is where my 7x's great grandfather lived in the late 1600's.

18 December 2001
New Local Web Site
Caithness Family History Society

23 November 2001
Keeping Your Relatives In The Picture
Article by Gordon Johnson

5 October 2001
South Ronaldsay and Burray Civil Death Registers:
Extracted Index

12 September 2001
Sara Jayne Donaldson is another researcher in Family History resident in Caithness Sara said "
I'm a qualified librarian (with BAHons), graduating from RGIT (now RGU) in 1991, who worked at the University
of Teesside before moving to Thurso. I am currently the Vice-Chairwoman of the Caithness Family History Society, a member of the Society of Genealogists and various other family history societies. I am offering a genealogical
research service, primarily in the Old Parochial Registers and Census of Caithness, although more detailed research or that of a more local historical nature may also be undertaken."  Contact details for Sara Jayne Donaldson

Gordon Johnson Starts A Series of Articles On Caithness.org to help you search for your family roots.
Gordon is a professional researcher with long experience who recently moved to Papigoe, Wick, for a quieter life - he thought! He operates as KinHelp, specialises in records prior to 1700 and has an extensive research library geared to sources from that era, covering all of Scotland. He is author of a book on Scottish census records.